November Tattoo Superpost

I am way behind adding pictures to my portfolio, mostly because I havn’t had the time to mask them all in Photoshop the “proper” way. Here’s the rundown of what I tattooed this month.

Halley graduated from beauty school in Phoenix and moved back to LA the same day. But not until after we did this tattoo on her first.

This is Lisa my cousin’s baby mama. I shaded this thing for 6 hours. Couldn’t get a good picture of it to save my life. So here’s a sampler plater.

I stopped in LA for 24 hours and managed to get my mentor Jim Hayek to work on my arm. Still not done, but definitely closer.

He didn’t want to take a picture but I caught him laughing. Jim is the reason I know anything about tattooing.

I worked on my cousin Zach for a bit, shaded some newer stuff and touched up some old. I did another 4 hours of touching up old tattoos I did years ago after this picture was taken, but I didn’t get a photo. It’s coming together nicely for being a collection of a ton of random stuff, which is something he takes pride in.

Here we have a basswood tree, common to the Michigan upper peninsula, coming through a sugarskull, with a waterfall from behind going off of a cliff. And a moon for safe passage. This started out as a black and grey piece but we decided it needed color. I’ll be finishing this before I leave Arizona in the next few weeks.

Logan wants a baseball sleeve and this is piece number one. Six and a half hours. I made a video of it. We will likely do another panel session over about six hours, and then hopefully go back into this piece and finish it up before I leave AZ as well.