Visions of the Mische Technique

I first heard of the Visions of the Mische Technique seminar in Italy from Jimmy who ran Temple of Visions in downtown LA for a number of years. We were up late one night painting set pieces for our friends the Mowgli’s music video. Jimmy learned the Mische Technique at last years seminar and while we were discussing some amazing paintings by Amanda Sage that were hanging in front of us he suggested I check it out.

After a month of exploring Maui and returning to LA, the first thing I asked myself was “What is the best use of my time here? What should I be doing?” The answer surprised me by how quickly and clearly it came to me. The Mische Technique. Jimmy had planted a seed that had matured during my time off and was ready to start growing.

A few google searches returned simple directions for the process of the Mische Technique. None are especially in depth although they do cover the basics. I studied what I was able to get my hands on and I contacted Amanda Sage to inquire about attending the Visions of the Mische Technique seminar she is co-teaching with Andrew Gonzales, Maura Holden, and Laurence Caruana this summer. The seminar is roughly $3000 and travel expenses to Italy are nearly $2000. Money I don’t currently have access to. So I figured why not start practicing now to make sure I even like this technique enough to make that sort of commitment. Well, after the last 3 months of painting and practicing, I have 9 paintings started using the Mische Technique. One is almost finished, the rest are on their way. Here are a few photos of what I have completed (what I estimate to be) over 200 hours of slow detailed painting.







I look forward to studying artists and art using the mische technik and continuing to practice.

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