Monthly Archives: July 2009

My friend Eric told me to stop by his friend’s new shop in downtown Phoenix, Golden Rule Tattoo. It’s smack in the middle of the newly developed art community downtown. Phoenix has it’s fair share of tattoo shops, and the majority of them are nothing special. Golden Rule opened July 3, and provides a comfortable […]

One day, a while back I was hanging out in Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas at 4 in the morning having a drink when I met Courtney. She was with a good friend of mine and we got to talking about how she had always wanted a portrait of John Lennon tattooed on her. Later […]

Gary Livingston is an amazing photographer and all-around nice guy who celebrated his birthday this year putting on an event for local artists. It was a great night with a lot of old friends, most of which I haven’t seen in over five years. Highlights were Jaco performing his no solo material with his band, […]