Nate Siggard

I am a multidisciplinary artist, designer, engineer, founder & operator.

I love creating solutions to challenging problems with passionate people.

I invest my time learning new things, diving deep to simplify complexity with elegant design.

Current Projects

Q4 2021

Authentic Creative

Creative & technical co-founder, interim executive, and early stage incubator. Currently working on consumer product brands, web3 communities, and entertainment marketing. Parent company to all of my business endevours until they reach maturity.

Skin Motion

Personalized AR tattoo cloud platform I founded in 2017 after inventing a way to play back Soundwave Tattoos with augmented reality. Exploring the transition from web2 -> web3 and moving AR Tattoos onto the blockchain to make them last forever.

PixelBeast Podcast

Youtube Channel

Host of a new podcast about web3, NFTs and Blockchain technology featuring members of the Pixelbeast community, developers, startup founders and investors.


Giving utility to pfp NFTs and anon degens anonymity over real-time video using face-tracking to control digital avatars for use as a virtual webcam.

Past Projects

A small selection of prior work

Mono Amor

Original projection mapped painting series, augmented reality app and gallery exhibition. "So this is like the artistic version of an acid trip?" - NBCnews


2014 Visual reel

Live event production stage design, projection mapping, and fabrication for clients including "So You Think You Can Dance", Gem and Jam Festival, Bryce Vine, Sublime with Rome, Odesza, Seven Lions, Emmersive Entertainment, & Mundy Sound.

Dirty Heads

"Cabin by the Sea" limited edition behind the album DVD featurette production. Recording, editing, dvd art design and authoring. Supplemental social media asset production and following tour content production.

Sublime with Rome

Art direction, album art for album "Yours Truly", "Panic" single art, social media asset production, video production, live event visuals, tour tattoo artist and mischief maker.

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