Nate Siggard

Hi, I'm Nate 👋

I have been designing and engineering digital interactive experiences professionally since 1999.

I specialize in making the latest technologies easy to understand and apply for artists, business owners, and leaders who want to create a better world.



Random facts

Internet archive has snapshots of my website from the past 20 years [here].

This version has a decent selection of tattoo photos when I still kept track of (and promote) them.

I only tattoo friends and family on extremely limited circumstances at this point. I'd like my neck and my body to age less the next decade than they did the last. Tattoos are expensive because the artists are not just giving you their hours, they're giving away their physical well being so that you can upgrade your vessel.

Once I had kids and stopped traveling, I became obsessed with gardening, aquaponics, rebuilding soil, permaculture, earthbag construction, and all the adjacent rabbit holes to do with solarpunk, offgrid, and regenerative ecology.

I am always looking for ambitious individuals to collaborate with.

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