About Me

I live in Thousand Oaks, CA on Chumash land with my partner, daughters, animals and a thriving garden of symbiotic sentient beings.

I create and produce high-quality digital media, physical artifacts and life changing experiences that tell stories of hope, healing and inspiration.

I work in many mediums applying an assortment of tools, techniques, and technologies for 25 years. I am endlessly curious about how and why things work, and as a result am a life-long learner. From learning to program computers at 14 years old to applying the latest AI technologies I continually question how and why to improve the our lives, environment and relationships.

I founded and operate Authentic Creative a digital media and technology development company. I produce digital media experiences for top-line film and streaming with Khaos Digital.

I invented and patented a way to use augmented reality to play back a soundwave tattoo, went viral, and sold the company I founded to make them.

My commitment to developing revolutionary products and services has led to extensive research and development of intelectual property that I hope will improve the lives of all beings, and the biosphere we inhabit

I love to meet new people and learn about their dreams, mission and vision. What is your story? Say hi!

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Last Updated: 8/21/23