2013 Resolutions

Sacred Rainforest

Download the 2013 Sacred Mushroom wallpaper here or order a print for your wall here.

It’s a new year, 2013. One I thought perhaps may never come. I’ve started to understand the importance of the “end of times” we were to be approaching in a new way. It’s not until there is death that we can be reborn. The way we view the world has to change. Our science, technology and anchient wisdoms prove that there is enough resources on Earth to provide for every single living person. So why doesn’t this happen? What needs to be cleared away so that a new era of peace and prosperity can see us celebrating life and love together as a human family?

These questions lead me to question my own core beliefs and why I am not using the abilities and opportunities in my life more to transform the old world into the new one. With every decision we make we get to chose how the transition happens for ourselves. What happens with us is transfered to the whole and the change becomes global.


As an artist, my purpose is to persue the internal path of dreaming a new reality in which we live more harmoniously with nature and each other. An artist should bring this new reality into focus and discussion to create awareness and communities for new ways of being.

I’ve just returned from 3 weeks in Maui, Hawaii where I got a chance to take a step back from work and evaluate the intention behind my life choices. It was much needed after the marathon that was the second half of 2012. Exploring the wilderness and getting in touch with the culture and people of Maui has opened my life to many new lifestyle possibilities. When sustainability is a priority not only are resources available, but abundant.

It is easier to focus by keeping things simple. Less travelling, less energy wasted on frivolous activities and passions. More time and energy to give where it is needed: to dream. To encourage the people I reach to dream deeply as well, and to see those dreams through.

Dreams drempt are powerful, but dreams shared have real potential for change. I am sharing this with you now to empower the changes I have made and still need to make. I hope that I can inspire you to dream your own dreams of prosperity and abundance, and to embrace a path of internal transformation that will create a better future.

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