A Tidal Median

Tidal Median

June gloom is a month late this year. July has been cloudy and much cooler then usual. A few days ago we went down to Leo Careo for sunset but the beach was fogged in. Luckily so, I was able to get some great long-exposures of the waves crashing through the arches and rocks.

Get Real: Animal Style – Editing

I am hard at work on Mike DeVries’ Get Real: Animal Style video editing, and have essentially been secluded to the studio for the last two weeks. I usually learn the most about tattooing from the process and interactions I have while tattooing. As a result of editing over 25 hours of video into a digestible educational DVD that doesn’t get boring after the first 3 hours, I have the opportunity to absorb the mind of a master. The detail, quality and focus involved in Mike’s tattooing is amazing, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with him on this project. We are now looking for fast-paced rock music submissions to be used in the background during the tattoo in a sort of skate-surf-video-esque style.

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