Nate Siggard created Soundwave Tattoos™ in April 2017 after his friends Courtney and Kristen got a waveform of “Tiny Dancer” tattooed and his girlfriend Juliana asked “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could play it back?” and Nate realized that he could make that possible. He tattooed a Soundwave Tattoo of Juliana and their daughter on his leg to share the idea with everyone. After the video of his tattoo was viewed over 70 million times and over 10,000 people signed up for the waiting list to get one, Nate founded Skin Motion™ to build the platform and make Soundwave Tattoos a possibility for everyone. Nate is currently working full time to launch the Skin Motion as CEO.


I strive to create unique life-transforming experiences. I use each medium as a devotional practice expressing my love of the Great Mystery which unites the Universe.


I am a multidisciplinary artist from southern California. My teenage years were spent learning and working as much as possible. By the time I was 21 I had created interactive multimedia, developed web applications, designed and programmed websites and created branding for many different companies affording me the time and resources to learn the many mediums.

In 2007 I left my fulltime job working at a startup contrary to all the advice I got from everyone I knew, to learn how to tattoo from Jim Hayek who has also apprenticed Mike DeVries and Carson Hill among others. Tattooing has since become a deeply personal and spiritual practice for me and I always preferred to work in private studios on close friends and family.

In 2010 I produced multiple educational tattooing DVD’s for world-famous portrait artist Mike DeVries, which have taught countless artists Mike’s signature hyper-realistic tattoo style. These educational DVD’s were very successful selling thousands of copies and defined a new level of high quality media production within the industry.

In 2011 I was invited to Sonic Ranch to tattoo the members of Sublime with Rome while they recorded their debut album with Rome Ramirez following the death of Bradley and a 15 year hiatus. After two weeks with them there, they commissioned me to create the album artwork for their debut album “Yours Truly” and single “Panic”. I have since toured North America with Sublime with Rome twice; over the summer of 2011 producing all of their media including video, photography, graphic design and social media; and the summer of 2012 projecting live visuals during their performances, to over 100,000 people.

While touring with Sublime with Rome I became friends with The Dirty Heads who I joined back at Sonic Ranch in 2012 while recording their album “Cabin by the Sea”. During that time I filmed their process and conceived and produced a behind-the-scenes special edition DVD and web series to market the album.

After touring with SWR performing live visuals, I VJ’d throughout southern California with a variety of my favorite DJ’s in 2014, designed and built a custom projection mapped stage, and transformed numerous spaces with projections for Spectronic Visuals.

In the Summer of 2014 I met and painted a series of collaborative projection mapped paintings with Nina Topinko. These paintings were featured in exhibits and installations at Jade Now Gallery in Santa Barbara (2014), Gem and Jam Festival, Tucson, AZ (2015), Lucidity Festival, Santa Barbara, CA (2015), and Full Circle in Venice Beach, CA (2015).I created an Augmented Reality Art experience for viewing the painting’s animations when not projection mapped. Nina and I continued to paint new works together through Fall of 2015.

In 2015 I creative directed and produced original projection design for Fox’s 11th season opener of “So You Think You Can Dance”. We utilized forced-perspective environmental 3D animation that the show hosts were able interact with in real-time.

I continue to explore the myriad experiences and human condition through creating art.