Alice in Chains – Facelift

Deb wanted to start a sleeve of her favorite album art. We started by laying out the images she wanted to include to a digital mock-up of an arm to establish placement and size. I suggested that we start with one piece so that we could focus on completing the piece instead of doing an entire arm of outlines and working to fill it all in over the next few months.

Here is the original.

Alice in Chains - Facelift Cover
Alice in Chains - Facelift Cover

I printed the picture and drew the outline.

alice in chains tattoo outline
alice in chains tattoo outline

Four hours later, we had this.

Facelift Tattoo, 4 hours in, 3 more to go
Facelift Tattoo, 4 hours in

Deb and I were pretty worn out at this point and we had to call it a day. I still plan on doing about a few more hours on this tattoo before I feel like it is finished. In the end, I am happy that Deb went home with a mostly-finished tattoo that she can be proud of until I am back in Phoenix to finish it.

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