An open letter to aspiring artists, freelancers, visionaries and anyone who wants to change the world.

I start each year with a look back and a projection forward of whats to come. Evaluating where you’ve been and where you’re going is essential to progress and without careful contemplation we’re likely to spend our lives repeating patterns; countless mistakes and hard earned lessons we should have learned from the first time. This year, I’m breaking down the past century of work as a freelance artist, designer, producer and tattooer. I don’t know anything. I’m making a film about it actually. The one that started by asking the question “What is visionary art?”. It is one of the things I hope to accomplish in 2014. Here’s my intention for this year and inspiration to work smarter, more focused in my dedication to my work.

We need artists in this world more than ever. We need dreamers, creators, doers. Magicians, goddesses and sorcerers. There is a veil between the spirit or energetic realities and the physical material ones and the artists are the people who weave them together. Without one, the other is doomed. We need our physical material bodies to sense and experience our spiritual selves. We record our experiences in the akashic records of space-time. Consciousness reveals itself in 3 dimensions on every scale from the infinitely small to infinitely large. You are the singularity.


Bridge between worlds. South Yuba River 2013

Everyone is an artist. When you close your eyes to sleep tonight your subconcious spiritual energy rebuilds your body. Everything you can possibly consider to be you is the construction of your soul. The feeling in your chest is the gravity of your intention. Within you is the limitless ability to create.

Gardens, houses that provide heat, shelter from extreme weather, immeasurable natural energy from the Sun and Earth. We are living on a fragile marble, of which currently no other alternative has been found, in fully symbiotic relationship with the utmost precious resources. We have the technology to reduce human suffering to a level unrecorded in human history.


It is the artists who have to design this future. The scientists and the craftsmen. The problem solvers. People who think. People who ask why we do something in inefficient ways and find better alternatives so that we can stop cutting down forests, polluting the air and the oceans. Polluting our bodies with toxic food and water. We have to solve these problems. They are easy problems to fix. There are people coming up with solutions every day. They post about them on youtube, and vimeo and facebook. They are visionary artists.

You are a visionary artist. When you choose what to do. Every single decision every day. Before you do anything you must first imagine it in your mind. An impulse becomes an impetus to create your reality.

If I’m an artist why does life so often seem to be against me? The odds are clearly not in our favor and we are desperately trying to learn to defend ourselves from the onslaught of misinformation, profiteering, and economic manipulation. I guess we should ask why do people choose to do a lot of the things they do? Because other people do it. Because it’s “cool”. Who make’s things cool? Artists.

I’m not bullshitting you. Every single thing you have or own you got because someone else had it and you wanted to have it to. Who made that thing? Who designed it? Who took the photo and made the box and built a fancy store with bright lighting so that you’d hand over your money to buy it? Artists. Who made the commercial, or which celebrity wore it or endorsed it or drank it? Artists.

Who’s going to determine the future? Politicians and business people and bankers who would shoot you in the face given it would benefit them and they’d get away with it? Nope. Artists.

When a neighborhood fails and drugs and poverty reduce it to it’s most destitute who are the first people to move back in, take it over and make it new? Artists. Those places get trendy and suddenly everyone wants to be there. We are the fungus of civilization digesting the bullshit and turning it back into roses.


You should be an artist. Artists inspire people. They help them heal by allowing them to feel. Life can be such a beautiful thing. A loving, giving, sharing experience of service to ourselves and each other. When we give up on greed and selfish attachments we are free to create a beautiful life and a beautiful world.

Making money as an artist can be insanely challenging. Managing money is even harder. Money is a difficult medium in life. Trading is a godsend. There are many people who believe that they can use the wealth they have to support artists who create reality in a way that they themselves are unable but whole-heartedly believe in. When you allow your life to be a work of art, when you listen to your spiritual intuitive guidance, you will be amazed at the return on hard work and dedication.

Be an artist. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from turning your dreams into reality. We need you. Help us! If you need help, ask. Exhale knowing we don’t really know anything. If you look back in history pretty much everything we ever accepted as real and true at one point was either wrong or only a small fraction of the full complexity of our understanding. When you feel like there isn’t possibly enough time to get it all done, know that someone out there is likely having the same idea at the exact same time and hope they were in a position to be able to take on that task. We all have our place and need to do our part. Don’t get overwhelmed at the immensity of the undertaking. Life is what you make it. Make it awesome.


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