I was invited to show and project on my paintings for Venice Art Crawl at Full Circle Venice. Liana did a great job putting the show together with such short notice. I took over the entire wall of the 100 year old temple with my art and projections. I have some 11×17″ prints of “Initiation” […]

I just got back to Tempe from a crazy week in Tucson for the Gem and Jam Festival and mineral show. It was great to get out, make some new friends and see some old ones. The music never failed and everyone involved were very cool. I’m completely exhausted after a month on the road […]

Marble Tie-Dye VJ Video from Nate Siggard on Vimeo. This is a collection of VJ clips I created in Jan 2014 to use for VJing out of marbled tie dye enamel. Total project cost $16 (and one ruined baking sheet, sorry Mom!). One hour of play time yields 15 minutes of usable video slowed from […]

I start each year with a look back and a projection forward of whats to come. Evaluating where you’ve been and where you’re going is essential to progress and without careful contemplation we’re likely to spend our lives repeating patterns; countless mistakes and hard earned lessons we should have learned from the first time. This […]