Bob Marley portrait re-work on Rome

Rome Ramirez Bob Marley Tattoo Redone by Nate Siggard

I’m out at Sonic Ranch southeast of El Paso, Texas in the recording studio tattooing the Sublime with Rome guys. My old friend Eric from Tomorrow’s Nobody hit me up and asked if I could come to the studio and tattoo the band while they work on their album. I’ve done a bunch of tattoos already, and I have a couple gigs of photos and video that I have yet to share. Here’s a tattoo that I just did last night.

Rome had this old Bob Marley portrait from a few years ago that didn’t exactly look like Bob Marley so I fixed it up for him. I didn’t go over all of the black areas, so some areas that will heal completely black look slightly lighter grey. It was pretty late when we finished and we had to call it a night. I have a video I’ll post in a day or two from this session.