Bob Roberts Interview on BME

I went down to the Bob Roberts solo show at Canvas LA a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to see Bob’s work first hand as well as meet the guy. Although it was brief and I was admittedly a bit timid, Bob was a very nice guy and is a huge inspiration to my work.

I just came across this awesome interview with Bob Roberts where he says,

“If I want to be an artist, I can go buy brushes and I can go buy paper and make art. But, if I want to be a tattoo artist and nobody’s coming to get a tattoo from me, I’m not a tattoo artist.”

I spent a few years tormented by this very concept. No matter how bad I wanted to tattoo someone, or be a tattoo artist, it was never going to happen without my friends giving me the chance. Now that I’m taking the next big step in my career as a tattooer it seems fitting to give credit where credit is due: I never could have done this without you guys. Thank you.

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