Busy, busy, busy – End of Summer

Gilbert, AZ

I’m in Gilbert, AZ once again tattooing like a madman. Somehow, I’ve also managed to sneak in updates to a bunch of my websites.

HowToTakeHDRPhotos.com is first in line where my HDR Photography ebook is now available for sale! Friends should email me if you want a copy, otherwise it is $10 off for one week if you use the discount code: FirstInLine.

I updated my tattoo portfolio at WearTheMark.com and posted a new blog entry. My tattoos are progressing very well and I am really excited to be at my new studio in Thousand Oaks, CA in about two weeks. Being able to settle down and focus on my art will be a HUGE improvement to my workflow.

I recent posted two spiral sketches which I then painted. The paintings don’t look much like the sketches but the geometry and patterns are very similar. One for negative and one for positive and both will go alongside my larger Enlightenment painting. I plan on showing these once I get settled in my new place.

As some of you may know, I try to do as much art and design work as possible for charitable (and moral) causes and this is one of my favorite yet. Who Will? We Will! is a yearly event that benefits orphans in Thailand put on by a good friend of mine Aaron Horwitz and his colleagues Bryan Weidenheft, and Carly Croick. I’ve done the website for this years event and some other promotional goodies that will soon land in the hands of generous people all over LA.

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