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These skateboard paintings are just about finished. There are a total of 6 paintings and I will be making limited prints with hand embellishments. The originals will be for sale also if you’re feeling the need for something raw and unique that will start conversations about our mysterious origins.

My dear friend and fellow lover of life Mr. Aaron Glass from San Francisco asked me to create the cover for his debut album. I can’t say enough good things about Aaron. His positive attitude and overwhelming love for his fellow man permeates throughout his life and music. Anyone who has a chance to meet […]

This post is a response to comments on this post from June 2011. There was some controversy when I created the cover for “Yours Truly” for Sublime with Rome and a couple people have commented here asking what the cover means. As I wrote back in June, the cover that was chosen was one of […]

UPDATED: You can read a follow-up to this post that explains the album cover and it’s meaning here. After I finished the painting for “Panic” the first single off of Sublime with Rome‘s new album “Yours Truly”, I began working on the cover for the album. I spent a couple days with the band at […]

For my 26th birthday this year I wanted to make some art inspired by the loss and devastation caused by tsunami in Japan. I wanted to use found or recycled materials and I wanted to use a limited palette. All else was fair game. The devastation in Japan is real and serious and every little […]