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On Nov 6 Nina and I, collectively called Mono Amor, set up all three of our projection mapped paintings for the first time for 1st Thursday in Santa Barbara. It was a great night of exposing the underlying magic within all things. Trent put together a mix exclusively for the night which you can download […]

Nina and I would like to invite you to join us Nov 6 at JadeNow Gallery in downtown Santa Barbara, California from 5-8pm for the first exhibition of our projection mapped paintings. What began as a way to get to know each other and create something together, has evolved into a meditative healing spiritual practice […]

I just returned from Lucidity Festival where I started filming for a project I started called “What is Visionary Art?“. I will be filming and interviewing people for the next few months exploring this particularly interesting style and culture. I love learning and am always trying to expand my skills and understanding of the many […]

I first heard of the Visions of the Mische Technique seminar in Italy from Jimmy who ran Temple of Visions in downtown LA for a number of years. We were up late one night painting set pieces for our friends the Mowgli’s music video. Jimmy learned the Mische Technique at last years seminar and while […]

It’s been a busy Spring for me. Earlier this year I was asked to produce a behind-the-scenes documentary for the Dirty Heads new album “Cabin by the Sea”. It will be out June 19th. They have posted a couple videos from Sonic Ranch already for Spread to Thin, Love Letters, and Mongo Push. In case […]

My dear friend and fellow lover of life Mr. Aaron Glass from San Francisco asked me to create the cover for his debut album. I can’t say enough good things about Aaron. His positive attitude and overwhelming love for his fellow man permeates throughout his life and music. Anyone who has a chance to meet […]