Free Download: Marble Tie Dye VJ Clips

Marble Tie-Dye VJ Video from Nate Siggard on Vimeo.

This is a collection of VJ clips I created in Jan 2014 to use for VJing out of marbled tie dye enamel. Total project cost $16 (and one ruined baking sheet, sorry Mom!). One hour of play time yields 15 minutes of usable video slowed from 1080p60 to 720p24.

I’ve downloaded and used many clips for VJing created by other artists, I wanted to contribute something back to the community. We are a small group that is growing every day bringing high quality visual content to the level that music and performance have elevated to. The resources and tools are available and ready for anyone with the motivation to learn and explore the medium. With a laptop and a projector and some creativity you can create the visual environment to accompany any performance or exhibition.

You can find the download here:

Please send links to your work featuring this video to be featured on our website!

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