Welcome to my new tattoo blog, Wear The Mark. I’m going to be posting photos of tattoos as I progress in this complex dynamic medium. I share my experimentation to be helpful to anyone interested in tattoos, artists and collectors alike.

I have a profound interest in the energy created through tattooing. Energy transferred from the artist to the wearer in a ballet of colors. Energy fed to the artist while envisioning the tattoo from the client looking for the perfect piece. Now only does the transmission of energy interest me, but also the efficiency of the flow of energy back and forth. Static energy dissipates and the ability for energy to flow freely from the artist to client and vise versa is the most crucial aspect, in my opinion, of what makes a positive tattoo experience.

Make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed, and check back often for new work. I appreciate your interest and look forward to interacting with you in the future.

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