It Prevails Music Video Teaser

I was able to meet up with It Prevails outside of Tucson as we were passing each other between El Paso and Phoenix. They still hadn’t seen the new video I shot them so I was able to play it for them. More importantly, Niko and Luna got to see each other which made all of us very happy.

I shot and edited a video for It Prevails from Portland at the end of February. They had just finished their new album and were leaving on your the next day. My friend Ashley Blair executive produced I had Anthony Pham filming with me. The editing was a breeze and now I’m just waiting on the mixed track to finish up the video and get it online. Until then, here’s a little clip I filmed with my phone of Quicktime going crazy. Apparently there is a particular keyboard combination that that will play videos backwards. I couldn’t tell you what it was but it was pretty neat.