Fuck. That feels like an accurate way to begin an expression which covers the breadth of what needs to be said.

I kept a blog on this website now for over 10 years. I’ve tried to regularly keep a record of my process as an artist. Many of those ideas have matured into artifacts and experiences that were produced in that process and can be found in this journal, the most recent and personally inspiring you will find in the portfolio on this website. If you care to look, you will also find many failures. Dreams, beliefs, and understandings which through trial and error found their resolution in truth. It is only through acknowledging our failures that we can learn from them. When we can learn from each others, we will truly make progress.

As an artist I feel compelled into conscious exploration of the conscience. What is truth? Does it exist objectively? Patterns and mathematics seem to answer, yes. Yet quantum physics and subjective experience argue otherwise, that we simply experience the ALL through a particular lens looking back upon itself. We as that lens through continual polishing can recognize the paradox as divine, duality and singularity coexisting from different angles.

A year ago I experienced something which moved me in a way I could hardly describe. It lead me to seek a deeper definition of identity. I completely abandoned the person I had spent 30 years creating in an effort to become a clearer channel for the divine energy which animates all life. What is a name? Merely a placeholder for a relational-thought-pattern? An incantation? It was an eye opening time for me, as most people’s concept of who a person is, is largely determined by the relational-thought-pattern and any interruption of that pattern is typically met with confusion and discomfort. This was entirely the point as I would eventually come to realize, that Universal energy works through chaos and challenge in order to stimulate and encourage evolution within us.

Liner-DesignLooking back now I can honestly say I feel more peaceful. I feel a much deeper understanding of who I am, and why I am here as a catalyst for change. By challenging the very basis of my own existence and identity, I made a lot of people very uncomfortable because it made them question their own. It is this moment of discomfort when we have the option to go more deeply into what comes up so that we may better understand and release it, or to deny it.

It’s said, this is a time of incredible evolution. I think that technologically there’s absolutely no doubt that progress is moving quickly. I would like to think this same level of growth and understand is happening culturally, and that we are waking up from a era of psychological manipulation by an undefined and every-present “them”.

It came as a surprise to me when with innocent transparency the truths I had discovered and which resonated profoundly for me were met with utter confusion, denial, and ignorance. There were no doubt many people who themselves having explored the depth of their experience found truth and appreciation for my expression. Most however, did not.

The experience was an incredible success in finding out who was ready, who has done the hard work of finding their own truth. It was a success at finding the people who were interested and ready to dig deeper for theirs. It was however, a failure for my freelance art and design businesses.

As a freelance artist I rely on many different skills and clients to acquire the resources I need in order to cover life expenses, and to continually invest in education and supplies. Alienating more than half of my client base had far reaching effects on my income. Fortunately the clarity and ability to stay present through uncomfortable experiences has helped to keep the lights on.

So after a year, I’m back. I have reintegrated the persistent manifestation of self that you know as Nate in order to get back to business. Yet there’s something about busy-ness that still doesn’t sit right with me. At this point its clear to me that society demands we all must play pretend in order to get what we need. The truth is contagious and as soon as we realize what we’re doing collectively, through our unconscious behaviors and beliefs then we have to face the discomfort. There is no return to ignorance once you know the truth. This is a heavy burden most people are not willing to bear.

I was told once, “Fake it till you make it”. I didn’t know how much that expression really meant. Beneath the surface of “reality” we can all know our truth. Bullshitting each other is just so much more fashionable and fun. I’ll try and remember that next time.


Rose Temple Altar Mandala Mural @ Full Circle Venice from Nate Siggard on Vimeo.

I was commissioned to paint this altar mural at Full Circle Venice, in Venice Beach, CA. This time-lapse covers the first 24 hours straight through. I’ve added a bit more since then and will be projection mapping it in the next few weeks as my first dedicated projection mapped installation. I love this space and co-creating with all the amazing souls there. It was an honor to begin my path adorning sacred spaces in such a magical central place in my life.

Painting by Mauro Reategui Perez, Animated by Nate Siggard from Nate Siggard on Vimeo.

I had the pleasure of animating this amazing painting and projecting on it at Sananda Gallery in Venice Beach earlier in October. It was only up for one night but it was a great experience. I love projection mapping amazing art. Special thanks to my dearest Alyssa Morang-Pavlock for helping me getting it sliced up and ready to animate.

I spent the last week in San Francisco. There’s a lot of talk here about how hostile this place has become. How the wealth gap has created a city of have and have-not’s who are angry and confrontational about it. There’s no lying, the city is filthy and filled with contention. These conditions are only one side of the story however and I’ve witnessed just as much kindness and opportunity for the people willing to seek and sacrifice for it. Modern life is weird. Sometimes it seems like everyone is racing around staring at their phones desensitized from the world and then these courageous people still continue to show up looking for a deeper purpose and meaning. By accepting pain as part of our process we move past our fears and find balance.

Reality Check

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I’ve written before about the importance of getting in touch with and understanding the root motivation and inspiration behind the thoughts, words and actions in our lives. As an artist my primary concern and duty is to consistently reevaluate why I do what I do. It’s actually fairly surprising to me how many people I know that do not take the time to consider this; the one exception being after something has gone terribly wrong in their life.

The mission extends further beyond merely conceptualizing why I do the things I do and is about continually completing projects, clearing up loose ends and becoming an empty vessel in order to be filled by spirit and directed onto the next most beneficial project. This is incredibly hard for some people to understand. The goal is always to create less.

How do you create less?

The idea is a new one to me and I’m exploring every day more deeply how this is possible. How is it possible to create less of something? We’ve reached a point in our civilization where as a culture we have everything we could ever need. In fact there is an over abundance of cheap products designed to break and be thrown away and replaced, which he purchase and sale of determines the “health” of the economy. I have a problem with that. I have a problem with creating anything that requires more energy to make, ship and consume than it will ever return.

Some examples from Nature are plants, which grow from seeds and then not only provide fruit and sustenance but also more seeds in order to continue the process. Mycelium not only connects and spreads information through the soil and our bodies, there are studies now showing how it can eat pollution and transform it into bioavailable chemicals instead of poison in the environment. How can we use these models to improve our civilization through our actions in order to turn our dangerous path of self destruction around?

It is extremely hard to become depressed and unmotivated when we look at our lives and how much of our existence depends upon the subjugation and suffering of other humans (often in far off places never to be seen or heard from) and our planet. It is easy to think, “No amount of anything I can make is going to equal out to benefit more than all that I take.” This bothers me. How can I apply my energy, my life and my love in order to benefit all the inhabitants of this heavenly sanctuary that is our mother Earth?

When turning on the lights means burning pounds of coal, creating nuclear waste, or releasing excessive carbon dioxide into the atmosphere;
When eating food from the market means countless gallons of gas to produce, transport, and package everything we eat;
When our land, air and water are poisoned daily for commerce and is measured as progress;
When our relationships, our families and our friends are so consumed with their place in the economic wheel of fortune that we can be so close to each other yet know nothing of the depths of each others spirit;
When we lose the connection with ourselves because we have become too distracted to ask ourselves, “Who am I? Why am I here? What should I be doing?;
We are lost.

But I have faith. Every day I see a sign of the change that is happening. People are waking up and asking themselves these very simple yet difficult questions. It’s that easy.

Today and every day, I dedicate my time and energy to pursuing balance in my life and with my interactions and relationships. Together are figuring out what it means to apply the abundance of information we have about the world we inhabit, our Universe and how to use successful models from Nature to heal and start using our time here wisely.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.08.28 PM

Nightline came to Full Circle Venice to interview Andrew Keegan about what’s going on at 305 Rose Ave. Along the way they interviewed Nate about his painting with Nina: watch the segment here. Dan says, “So this is the artistic version of an acid trip?” Nate responds, “Quite literally, yes”. What an empowering way to share our animated paintings. While we wouldn’t necessarily tell people they are the artistic version of acid, we would say that the effects they have on people are similar to an LSD experience in that the viewer questions what they think they know and are challenged to accept there are some things they do not understand. As Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Lawsays, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.11.02 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.09.54 PM

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be living in Sebastopol for the next few months. I’ve wanted to live up here for years and I finally made the commitment. I’m looking for fun tattoos to do and am offering a $50 referral credit towards your next tattoo session of 2 hours or more when you send me someone new!



Stories. I find a lot of personal authority in the telling and remembrance of them. Honoring the dreams, experiences and hopes through sharing them is one of the easiest ways we get to create our lives. The end of one year and the beginning of another is the best time to use the natural energy (up here in the Northern Hemisphere) of the dark, or inner experience to recollect, forgive, and expand in our awareness of our selves. As an artist, even more so that I would hope my sincerest efforts and affections are shared as thoughtfully and masterfully as possible.

It’s been an extremely mild winter in Santa Barbara, and I’ve spent much of it painting, animating paintings, learning how to merchandise contemporary art, and getting ready for the upcoming year. With all three of our projection mapped paintings, Nina and I started Mono Amor Gallery to share and sell prints, clothing, and all kinds of goodies we make with love.

Mono Amor – Projection Mapped Paintings from Nate Siggard on Vimeo.

Starting this week Nina and I will be at The Fonda theater in Hollywood Friday January 16, 2015 for the Gem and Jam Pre party with Random Rab, Thriftworks, Russ Liquid, Alex and Allyson Grey, Tribe13, and a whole lot of artists I love and have been inspired by for many years.

Then in February we’re headed out to Tucson with the Mono Amor Gallery for the Gem and Jam Festival Feb 6-8. I projection mapped the main stage last year and had a great time so we’re headed back this year with our projection mapped paintings. We’ll be at a lot of events coming up this year along the west coast.

Spectronic 2014 Highlight Reel from Nate Siggard on Vimeo.

I’ve updated my reel to include a lot of the shows I performed at this past year. Featured in this video are in order:

  • Fluid D&B at Zanzibar in Santa Monica – Projection & VJ
  • Safe in Sound Tour in Salt Lake with Kennedy Jones, Getter, Protohype – VJ
  • First Light “Crystallize Stage” in San Francisco at 1015 Folsom with The Human Experience, Diamond Saints, Odesza, and Russ Liquid – Stage Design, Construction & VJ
  • Michael Mowgli and Lisa Donnelly at Full Circle Venice – Projection & VJ
  • DoLab presents Orphic at King King Hollywood – Projection, Staging & VJ
  • Mimosa at Casa De La Rasa in Santa Barbara – Projection & VJ
  • Borgore at MadAve in Los Angeles – VJ
  • Orphic “Portal” stage at Mission in Playa Del Rey – Stage Design, Projection & VJ
  • Gem and Jam main stage with visuals by Johnathan Singer – Stage Design, Projection Mapping, & VJ
  • Yacht in Downtown LA – Projection, Staging & VJ

On Nov 6 Nina and I, collectively called Mono Amor, set up all three of our projection mapped paintings for the first time for 1st Thursday in Santa Barbara. It was a great night of exposing the underlying magic within all things. Trent put together a mix exclusively for the night which you can download here. We are excited to bring this exhibit to a gallery near you soon!

20141106 - 1

20141106 - 2

20141106 - 3

20141106 - 4

20141106 - 5


Nina and I would like to invite you to join us Nov 6 at JadeNow Gallery in downtown Santa Barbara, California from 5-8pm for the first exhibition of our projection mapped paintings.

What began as a way to get to know each other and create something together, has evolved into a meditative healing spiritual practice that now guides our lives. You may have seen “The Guardian projection mapped painting” video or at Full Circle Venice Art Crawl this past Summer.

Next week we debut the next two projection mapped paintings: The Playground and Stream of Consciousness, at a beautiful gallery full of amazing visionary art, Jade, and crystals.

We have 4 medium-sized prints of each painting at the show, for $100 each. They will be gone quick so get there early! If you’d like to order a print or hologram, we set up a small shop on our website MonoAmor.com

One of my favorite producers online right now is a group called Suspicous Observers. They put up a new video every day with Solar weather analysis, Earthquakes and Earth weather as a way to observe patterns and commonalities among cosmic events.

When we recognize that we are analogous to the Sun and Earth we realize these events are also occurring within and around us.