What is Mixed reality?

Mixed reality or augmented reality as it is also known, is a way of creating an experience for the viewer that fuses physical and digital elements in real-time.

The most well known examples of augmented reality are projection mapping, video games that use motion controlled movements for play, and mobile apps like Pokemon Go, Snapchat, and Skin Motion.

Augmented reality offers incredible opportunities to artists and developers who are interested in bringing physical experiences to life with information, visualization and animation of things that previously only existed digitally.

Skin Motion - Augmented Reality Tattoos

April 8, 2017 Nate created the first Soundwave Tattoo you could play back using a mobile app. After that video went viral on Facebook with over 15 million views, it was picked up by viral news websites and reached over 250million people around the world. Nate founded Skin Motion™ to make Soundwave Tattoos™ possible for everyone,
simplifying the process and created a patent-pending augmented reality cloud platform to bring tattoos to life.

Mono Amor - Projection Mapped Paintings

In 2014 and 2015 Nate painted a series of collaborative paintings with Nina Topinko that were projection mapped and exhibited at art galleries and festivals. Nate eventually created his first Augmented Reality art featuring these paintings with an app that is no longer available.

Projection Mapped Painting - Mauro Reategui

in 2015 Nate animated this painting by Mauro Raetegui assisted by Alyssa Morang-Pavlock. It was exhibited for one night only at Full Circle in Venice Beach, California.