Northern California – Spring in Sebastopol

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be living in Sebastopol for the next few months. I’ve wanted to live up here for years and I finally made the commitment. I’m looking for fun tattoos to do and am offering a $50 referral credit towards your next tattoo session of 2 hours or more when you send me someone new!


I’m so excited to be up here again. The redwoods have healed the Winter blues and the amount of support, love and healing that I have been blessed to receive. It is a welcome change to the forward-focused push through the Winter in which I felt that if anything needed to get done, it was up to me to make happen. Things are happening much more fluidly and with much more ease and grace.

I’m taking a break from the myriad forms of creative outlets and focusing on Tattoos for a while. I love expressing myself in as many ways as possible, but tattooing has given so much to my life as well as to the lives of everyone I am able to share my passion with and I finally feel like Tattooing deserves my full attention.

I’ve also been getting through my disinterest in starting a Yoga practice with the help of my dear friend Adam Bienenfeld who teaches multiple classes in Sebastopol each month. I finally hit a wall physically because of the demands from tattooing, traveling and painting and the only thing that helps besides copious amounts of bodywork is Yoga. If you’re going to be up in the area contact me to schedule a tattoo appointment!

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