Phoenix is Awesome

The sun setting outside Quartzite, Arizona

There is nothing like the sunset in Arizona anywhere I have ever been. It is so beautiful in fact, I had to pull over and take this picture. I’m back in Thousand Oaks after a very successful week in Phoenix. I love traveling out there, I am never let down. Lots of tattoos to be done, and lots of good company. I just posted 6 new tattoos to the 2009 gallery from the trip. I need to slow down after I finish a piece and get a solid picture. Half the pictures I took were either blurry, bloody, or unusable in some other way. I’m excited to be starting some new big tattoos. A few portraits, and some realism. It’s getting warmer, and it feels like everyone gets antsy for work on the warm and sunny days. This is great for me, but means you’re going to have to wait a little bit before I can get you in. I’m scheduling the second half of April right now, and mapping out this summer.

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