Prologue to 2010

This year has brought the most significant growth to my art and my life then ever before. The most significant of which was building and working night and day in my first art studio, enabling me to share my passions and talents with countless people. Included were over 500 hours tattooing, 10,000 photos, and a handful of paintings.

I would like to focus mainly on my artistic development, however it stands to be noted that my personal growth over the last year has surpassed my artistic improvements by leaps and bounds. I see these as being interdependent of each other though as the emotional and physical stresses have been eliminated, my freedom of expression has benefited conversely. Living behind an array of half-truths, manipulations, and fear created an atmosphere of anxiety that I have freed myself from with nothing more honesty and respect.

Now it’s a new year and new beginnings. Picking up the pieces of a handful of art projects that I’ve imagined and started but somehow were forgotten. In the next few weeks I will be launching my online store. I’m working on new pieces to include as I write this, but already slated for sale are over 10 original drawings and paintings framed, a limited edition linocut print, photography prints, and a few special hand-made items.

This is my second year, unemployed by “the man” and surviving on nothing more than your direct support of my art. I can not thank you enough for making this dream a reality and helping me spread the passion and energy that goes into creating art nonstop. So, tell your friends, become a fan on facebook, save up your hard-earned money to buy some art, and make every single day a work of creation.

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