Reality-Check: The Banks

I am passionate about a lot of things: our beautiful planet, the animals and plants, the sciences, and natural order. I try to maintain an overall positive outlook on the world and to publish my thoughts and opinions, and to post my work but from time to time there are certain things that I think are extremely important for people to know. Since you’re reading this, in case you hadn’t already heard, there is no better time to welcome you to the harsh truth. Here is an amazing article highlighting just a few of the multitude of crimes of the Big Banks.

It makes it hard to value your hard earned money when the people who have the most are abusing their positions to effect everyone else and our planet itself in such a negative way. How can we fix this broken system together, and find value in things beyond the idea of money?

[UPDATE] I had a great talk while painting the other day with Rachael who told me about B Corporations which look like a promising alternative for conscious business practices.

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