Reality Check

I’ve written before about the importance of getting in touch with and understanding the root motivation and inspiration behind the thoughts, words and actions in our lives. As an artist my primary concern and duty is to consistently reevaluate why I do what I do. It’s actually fairly surprising to me how many people I know that do not take the time to consider this; the one exception being after something has gone terribly wrong in their life.

The mission extends further beyond merely conceptualizing why I do the things I do and is about continually completing projects, clearing up loose ends and becoming an empty vessel in order to be filled by spirit and directed onto the next most beneficial project. This is incredibly hard for some people to understand. The goal is always to create less.

How do you create less?

The idea is a new one to me and I’m exploring every day more deeply how this is possible. How is it possible to create less of something? We’ve reached a point in our civilization where as a culture we have everything we could ever need. In fact there is an over abundance of cheap products designed to break and be thrown away and replaced, which he purchase and sale of determines the “health” of the economy. I have a problem with that. I have a problem with creating anything that requires more energy to make, ship and consume than it will ever return.

Some examples from Nature are plants, which grow from seeds and then not only provide fruit and sustenance but also more seeds in order to continue the process. Mycelium not only connects and spreads information through the soil and our bodies, there are studies now showing how it can eat pollution and transform it into bioavailable chemicals instead of poison in the environment. How can we use these models to improve our civilization through our actions in order to turn our dangerous path of self destruction around?

It is extremely hard to become depressed and unmotivated when we look at our lives and how much of our existence depends upon the subjugation and suffering of other humans (often in far off places never to be seen or heard from) and our planet. It is easy to think, “No amount of anything I can make is going to equal out to benefit more than all that I take.” This bothers me. How can I apply my energy, my life and my love in order to benefit all the inhabitants of this heavenly sanctuary that is our mother Earth?

When turning on the lights means burning pounds of coal, creating nuclear waste, or releasing excessive carbon dioxide into the atmosphere;
When eating food from the market means countless gallons of gas to produce, transport, and package everything we eat;
When our land, air and water are poisoned daily for commerce and is measured as progress;
When our relationships, our families and our friends are so consumed with their place in the economic wheel of fortune that we can be so close to each other yet know nothing of the depths of each others spirit;
When we lose the connection with ourselves because we have become too distracted to ask ourselves, “Who am I? Why am I here? What should I be doing?;
We are lost.

But I have faith. Every day I see a sign of the change that is happening. People are waking up and asking themselves these very simple yet difficult questions. It’s that easy.

Today and every day, I dedicate my time and energy to pursuing balance in my life and with my interactions and relationships. Together are figuring out what it means to apply the abundance of information we have about the world we inhabit, our Universe and how to use successful models from Nature to heal and start using our time here wisely.

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