Studio update: March 2010

The spring is here and I just returned from Tempe, Arizona to beautiful weather and some very happy puppies. Arizona was great, I love spending time with my friends and family there and had the opportunity to do some great tattoos. It’s been a while since I’ve updated my website and I’m sorry for the lack of updates. Luckily I have been very busy tattooing and just haven’t had a chance.


About two weeks ago I became the proud owner of a new dog named Niko. He is a 3 month old Hawaiian blue nose pitbull. A friend’s dog recently had a litter of puppies and I was able to get the best little guy in the group. He will be a very welcome addition to the family and will surely be loved by my friends and clients.

Prints for sale

I have a few different art prints for sale. They are all hand made and quite inexpensive ($5-$15). A lot of my friends don’t have much of anything hanging on their walls let alone a one of a kind piece of art, so I have created a number of different prints using linocut printing blocks. I cut each design by hand into a block, roll paint onto it, and then stamp it on to acid-free archival paper. For the newest print, I am also adding water color paint to each one. They will be for sale for the first time at the Collective show at the Dragonfly in West Hollywood on March 22, 2010 and then online after that.

Big Beautiful Pictures

After launching Big Beautiful Pictures and uploading a few galleries of my landscape photography portfolio, I am almost finished with the shopping cart. In the mean time I will now have 8×10″ prints available at my studio with larger prints available for custom order.

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