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It’s been a busy Spring for me. Earlier this year I was asked to produce a behind-the-scenes documentary for the Dirty Heads new album “Cabin by the Sea”. It will be out June 19th. They have posted a couple videos from Sonic Ranch already for Spread to Thin, Love Letters, and Mongo Push. In case […]

This past weekend was one to go down in the history books. Three days surrounded by tattoo artists in an intimate setting, researching, studying, painting, and finally tattooing. Leading the project was Guy Aitchison, and the private event was hosted by Carson Hill at Neuma headquaters. Since Friday I’ve had the chance to meet and […]

I made it up to Hot Dawgs and Hand Rails at Big Bear Mountain this passed weekend. The contest was fairly interesting, but I lost interest in watching other people snowboard after about an hour. Instead, I drank a lot of beer and took pictures of everyone’s tattoos. I apologize that I don’t remember everyone’s […]

I normally don’t do this, but I am too excited not to share. I drew this freehand with sharpee on Michelle’s back. I had to move the bottom of the tree trunk to better fit her back and with a little hand sanitizer I was able to take off the original sketch and redraw it. […]

Here are a few pictures from my studio when I was tattooing Pete Malinger the other day. Courtney was nice enough to take a few. She is pretty amazing isn’t she? Just so happens to be the same Courtney that has John Lennon living on her arm. Pete is an amazing musician and you’ll all […]