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It’s been a busy Spring for me. Earlier this year I was asked to produce a behind-the-scenes documentary for the Dirty Heads new album “Cabin by the Sea”. It will be out June 19th. They have posted a couple videos from Sonic Ranch already for Spread to Thin, Love Letters, and Mongo Push. In case […]

This post is a response to comments on this post from June 2011. There was some controversy when I created the cover for “Yours Truly” for Sublime with Rome and a couple people have commented here asking what the cover means. As I wrote back in June, the cover that was chosen was one of […]

I made it up to Hot Dawgs and Hand Rails at Big Bear Mountain this passed weekend. The contest was fairly interesting, but I lost interest in watching other people snowboard after about an hour. Instead, I drank a lot of beer and took pictures of everyone’s tattoos. I apologize that I don’t remember everyone’s […]

Here are a few pictures from my studio when I was tattooing Pete Malinger the other day. Courtney was nice enough to take a few. She is pretty amazing isn’t she? Just so happens to be the same Courtney that has John Lennon living on her arm. Pete is an amazing musician and you’ll all […]

One day, a while back I was hanging out in Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas at 4 in the morning having a drink when I met Courtney. She was with a good friend of mine and we got to talking about how she had always wanted a portrait of John Lennon tattooed on her. Later […]