The Tattooing Process

I conceive and draw 100% original tattoos at the time of your appointment unless otherwise communicated. I will communicate via email about the specifics once a deposit has been paid.

Please arrive on time, sober, well slept, having eaten and ready to relax and go deep within yourself. Please no more than one guest with you at your appointment. Bring any water, coconut water, snacks or food to help you keep your energy up throughout the tattooing process.

We will have an introductory period where we sit and discuss the tattoo followed by any drawing, sketching, stenciling or other preparation necessary.

Once we begin I like to work for 1 hour increments. Each hour, we will take a stretch and water break and then keep going.

When we are finished I will wrap the tattoo in plastic wrap to keep it free from airborne contaminates as well as to keep it from seeping onto your clothing. Keep this on for at least an hour or until you are home so that you can wash the tattoo with anti bacterial soap. If possible, wear clean clothing over the tattoo with a thin layer of coconut oil or Aquaphor. Continue to wash the tattoo throughout the first 48 hours and apply a thin layer of coconut oil or Aquaphor. Some of my clients prefer to let their skin heal naturally, but I definitely recommend at least using coconut oil the first 3 days. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties which will help your healing as well.

Stay out of water, no soaking at all, until the top layer of skin on the tattoo has pealed off and there is a fresh layer of healed skin on top of the tattoo. If there are any areas where the skin has not peeled off and been replaced by a new fresh layer of skin, do not go in the pool, jacuzzi, ocean, rivers, ect. There are common bacteria in most bodies of water which are much more capable of causing infection when you have a fresh tattoo, because it is an open wound. Not swimming for two or three weeks is generally a good idea.

Always keep your tattoos covered when possible in direct sunlight or use a high grade SPF sun block. The Sun is the number one reason that tattoos and skin in general ages prematurely. Tattoos only need a few good burns before they will start to show a blurring of the ink. With certain skin types a regular sunburn on a tattoo can cause the ink to welt up.

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Nate tattoos by appointment for select clients only. Nate only tattoos Soundwave Tattoos at Skin Motion events and guest appearances. Nate prefers to tattoo larger pieces that take multiple sessions. Session minimum is 3 hours. A full day session is typically 6-8 hours. Please fill out this form to request an appointment.


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