Tattoo Science: My foot tattoo collaboration

This past weekend was one to go down in the history books. Three days surrounded by tattoo artists in an intimate setting, researching, studying, painting, and finally tattooing. Leading the project was Guy Aitchison, and the private event was hosted by Carson Hill at Neuma headquaters.

Since Friday I’ve had the chance to meet and learn from a ton of amazing artists. Guy and his wife Michelle Wortman who does some of the most beautiful feminine tattoos I have ever had the pleasure of viewing were there for the weekend. Mike DeVries, Jeff Johnson and Josh Duffy from MD Tattoo studio stopped by Friday, Adrian Dominic came Saturday, Dan Plumley and Adam Aguas drove in from Illinois for the weekend, Kenny Morris, and Ty Mc Ewen was there the whole time getting down on some killer sketches and paintings.

On Sunday morning I was asked if I wanted to get tattooed by Guy, Carson, Dan, and Ty in a single collaborative piece. I instantly agreed. Steve from Neuma was also worked on 4 way collab style, with the artists working in 20 minute rotations. Each artist had a chance to draw a portion (or erase) the piece and then they all took turns using a large variety of tattoo machines tattooing both Steve and myself. It was an amazing opportunity to be tattooed by these artists, to learn from their years of experience this weekend, and to have a lasting piece of art to remember it by.

A special thank you to Carson, Steve and Neuma tattoo machines without which this never would have happened.

Guy Aitchison tattooing nate siggard
Guy Atchinson tattooing my foot, first in collaboration
Ty Mc Ewen tattooing Nate Siggard
Ty Mc Ewen was next, tattooing my foot.
Dan Plumley tattooing nate siggard
Dan Plumley went third, and spent an extra two hours finishing my tattoo at the end
Carson hill tattooing nate siggard
Carson Hill went fourth and then the cycle started over again
Guy Aitchison tattoing nate siggard
Guy Atchinson finishes up his second round

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