There’s lots of change going on right now. Seems like almost everything is going through some sort of change. Personal transformations, as a society and on a global level things are changing more drastically and more quickly than ever. It’s hard to understand why things change most of the time until we look back on them. Even then, it is often clouded by our perspective and judgement in the moment. The one thing that remains constant in this universe is that things are always changing. When they do, the better equipped to adapt to these changes we are the more smoothly life goes forward in the direction we desire. Flexibility in the face of such change can mean the difference between life and death, and resistance causes of unfortunate results.

These past few weeks have given me a lot of new perspective on life that can best be described by an analogy I was telling a friend recently. If life is about change, and as our lives and culture becomes more complicated these changes become exaggerated and more frequent it is as if we are in the ocean. The currents, tides, storms and sharks are all there waiting to toss us around and bring us down into the dark depths of life. We have a choice though, to find peace among the chaos by remaining flexible and adapting to life in a way that allows us to seek shelter on the shore. From the shore we can see the threats of the ocean just as before. We still have the option to get back in the water and get tossed around by the sea should the peace on land become boring or uninspiring. It’s the choice to stop reacting to life. The refusal to allow external circumstances to determine the value and significance of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Things will always be changing but there are a few things that will not. Soon our bodies will age. Our bones will become weak and our tendons inflexible. Our skin will lose it’s moisture and our hair will become brittle and dry. We are temporary beings. A conscious collective of matter, cells, and organisms given a rare chance to determine our own fate. Everything will change and in time we will surrender to what Is. To find acceptance of the divine circumstances presented in our lives is to transmute the pain and tragedy of life in an ocean of change.

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