Venice Beach, California


I moved to Venice. After a lot of years of saying I wanted to. I did it. Not without the help of some incredible people, but I’m here no less. A full week so far without having to get in my car and leave the city. Lots of walking. Biking. Skateboarding. Meeting everyone and engaging in every activity I am invited to and have the energy for. The past month was very challenging and I am blessed to say I am happier than I’ve been in a long time. For a few reasons. The first of which was a series of three Ayahuasca ceremonies over a two week period in the beginning of May. While I’ve had a decent amount of experience using entheogens for therapeutic and spiritual purposes nothing compares to the transformational healing powers of this natural plant medicine from the Amazon. If you don’t know what Ayahuasca is you can find out more here, and I encourage you to accept the invitation to attend a ceremony by a friend should the time come. It involved a lot of introspection and a deeply profound look at my life, behaviors and beliefs not only for the two weeks of dieta, but afterwards as the ceremony continued into my every day life.

I had to work my ass off for those weeks in order to afford my place at ceremony and to maintain my desired lifestyle. It was incredibly challenging with the dietary restrictions and almost constant awareness of the myriad complexity of my perceptual reality. Luckily, my communication improved dramatically and has been opening doors ever since. I have been busier tattooing and painting than ever. I have honored a particular relationships evolution onto it’s next phase, and have welcomed many new ones. Ultimately everything is about the agreements we make to honor our truth and be who we are meant to. This frees each other from the bounds of expectation and obligation. When we take care of ourselves there is no one left to rescue. Thankfully, I’ve found a perfect little place to live while I get on my feet in town with great roommates.

So I’m challenging myself to stay put. Make some art. Make some friends. Make a home. Alone. Which is so incredibly challenging for someone like me who is used to surviving by following the work that comes up, or more often than not, my heart in love. Commitments have not been my favorite of agreements in the past, but I am learning and growing in that department daily.

One of the most exciting things to happen just as I moved into my new space was receiving a commission for a large and exciting painting. Some dear friends modeled for me and I began painting that day. I have already started projection mapping it, and the results are amazing I am so excited to share it with everyone finished! Special thanks to Zach for the commission and encouraging my vision and expression I couldn’t do this without your support. I’m calling it “Initiation”: the process of a master handing down secret knowledge and teachings of an occult craft to an apprentice. We are all the great Goddess’s apprentices and in her presence are illuminated through the use of subtle energetic forces. Learn to control those forces within yourself, and you will master the world around you.


I also have been taking walk-in tattoos at Black Diamond Tattoo on Lincoln and Rose in Venice. The artists there are all amazing and very professional. I met an amazing woman from Virginia on vacation who said “I finally feel beautiful” when she saw her tattoo finished. We can only wish for that kind of validation when we commit ourselves to making art and changing people’s lives.  I will be at Black Diamond sporadically through the summer, come find me there!

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