Yosemite & Eastern Sierra HDR Landscape Pictures

I just found a “lost” folder of pictures from a trip I took earlier this year to the eastern Sierra and Yosemite National Park. I separated the pictures into a few groups, Bodie State Historical Park, Yosemite Highlands, Yosemite Alpine, and Yosemite Glacier Point. Tonight I was lucky enough to organise the files and begin processing them.

Also, while I’ve been taking and posting these pictures for almost 4 years now, I have never had a website dedicated to them, until now! I present to you, BigBeautifulPictures.com! I will be designing and building this website in the next few weeks, as well as publishing a book of my photography from the south-western United States. I love this country and it’s unimaginable beauty and am excited to share my collection with you.

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